"The relentlessly inventive pianist
Bill Carrothers' harmonic sophistication
has to be heard to be believed."

Howard Reich - Chicago Tribune


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Bridge Boy Music testimonials...

  • THIS JUST IN...Bridge Boy Music overtakes coffee as the nation's #1 stimulant!

  • Bridge Boy Music is now the official music of U.N. secretary Kofi Annan's secretary's limousine driver's cousin!

  • "Let me bluntify...I hate Carrothers' music." - President G. W. Bush

  • "Bridge Boy Music jazz CDs have 1/3 less notes than the regular jazz CDs and yet they still sound great." - August Busch III

  • "I carried a BBM CD around for over a year and it still smelled the same as it did the day I bought it." - J.B. Grenouille

  • "I used a BBM CD to shore up a short leg on my kitchen table. Now it's rock solid." - Bruce Lundvall, Blue Note Records

  • "I don't understand this f*&%$ing kind of music at all! I don't understand what anybody is doing up there. You got a long f*&%$in' way to go. What the f$%# you're doin' up there doesn't deserve to be called a 'name' band." - Buddy Rich

  • "I love the artwork on the Bridge Boy Music CD line. They make killer drink coasters!" - Jeffrey Koons

  • "Well, [Carrothers] is no Diana Krall, but put a dress on him and some makeup, maybe shave that s**t off his face...who knows. I might work with him." - Tommy LiPuma, Verve Group

  • "These Bridge Boy Music CDs are a trip to the moon on gossamer wings!" - Cole Porter

  • "Love you madly..." - Duke Ellington

  • "That's my boy!" - William G. Carrothers Sr.

Our CDs are certified 100% organic!
No artificial colors or flavors!